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Trabia Garden
You May Have Seen A Million Entries About This, But This One Has Pokémon.
Received 9 Zombies! 
12th-Dec-2013 08:16 pm
hope is all we have
Balamb Garden, MD level. Squall, Zell and Rinoa come across an unstable-looking ladder. If you choose the 'Someone else go check it out' option:

Squall: (I'll have someone else check it out.)
Squall: (Zell and Rinoa...)
Squall: (Zell...)
Squall: (Rinoa...)
Squall: I'll go take a look. You two wait here.

This is possibly my favourite bit of Squall-characterisation in the game; it's a rather lovely glimpse behind his efforts to tell himself he doesn't care. And almost nobody will ever see it! Because what videogame player, presented with an intriguingly wobbly ladder, doesn't go straight for the 'I'll check it out myself' option? I managed to play through this game at least four times without ever knowing this moment of conflict was in there.

Recently, when editing a bibliography, I tried to type 'Leonard' and typed 'Leonhart' instead. IN FACT I JUST DID IT AGAIN WHEN TYPING THIS. Once they've typed 'Leon', my fingers know exactly where they want to go.

There's something oddly relaxing about playing Final Fantasy VIII the way I generally do, where every fight takes ages because I'm busy drawing magic to make my characters ridiculously overpowered. It becomes a very slow game, but there's something almost therapeutic about it. It's a bit like knitting.

(Apart from when I'm drawing Zombie, because I can't help finding that hilarious. I'M NOT SURE I WANT TO RECEIVE ALL THESE ZOMBIES.)

I still love it when Squall suddenly yells 'I'M NOT HAVING ANYONE TALK ABOUT ME IN THE PAST TENSE' and runs out of the room.

The Deling City assassination mission is interesting because it really makes it clear that, for all the cast's military-esque training and combat expertise, they're still just kids. Quistis screws up because she feels guilty for losing her temper with Rinoa. Irvine chokes. It really brings home the fact that these mercenaries are sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years old. They shouldn't be fighting in wars and carrying out assassination orders. They're teenagers.

Finally (and this is a terrible juxtaposition with the previous paragraph): that D-District scene in which Squall is crucified and tortured for information he doesn't have is hotter than I remembered. WHOOPS.
14th-Dec-2013 10:11 am (UTC)
I'M REPLAYING RIGHT NOW TOO (mostly because it just came out on Steam, and yayy, no more need to dig out my physical discs!)

Oh man, I'm not the only one who sits around for hours Drawing and Drawing so I have 300 500 of each spell, 300 for each party member + 200 for Just In Case! Because of this, I've only just made it to Galbadia Garden after hours and hours of play... @_@ I'm also tragically reluctant to use my magic, which sucks, as status effects actually linger in FF8. ;_;

...I also really don't like Rinoa, so I renamed her "Idiot" in this playthrough, which amuses me far more than it probably should. Tee-hee. <3 I love playing through old FFs. FF7 is still my favorite, but FF8 is so nostalgic - it was the first FF I bought and played through. <3

Also, I totally just sat around outside Galbadia Garden harvesting Zombies, too. I HAVE A ZOMBIE HORDE.

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