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22nd-Dec-2013 10:09 am
we'll be the darkness
I've been rereading the Animorphs series, and these books really are startlingly dark. In Book 15, The Escape, there's a scene in which Marco (the book's narrator) goes to the school swimming pool and tries to morph into a shark. This is obviously a terrible idea, as the pool is treated with chlorine and I don't imagine a hammerhead is going to be very happy in it. Perhaps fortunately, a couple of arseholes come in and Marco stops the morph. At this point Marco is mostly human but, unbeknownst to the bullies, has a mouthful of shark teeth.

One of the bullies, Woo, starts making comments about Marco's mother. This is, for various reasons, a very sore subject for Marco. And then we get this:

All I had to do was walk away. And all I did was stare at Woo's throat.

I could see the arteries there. The ones that were pulsating on either side of Woo's Adam's apple.

[Then, when Marco's friend Jake sees him cornered and steps in:] I swung my head fiercely towards Jake. I grimaced, baring my teeth. "I thon't neeth you help."

The shark's teeth that filled my mouth distorted my speech. I saw Jake's eyes flare in surprise. Then wary concern.

"Let it go, Marco," Jake said.

I turned back towards Woo. I could still see the pulsing blood just below the skin of Woo's neck. It would be so easy...

I read these books when I was nine. How is there a scene in which one kid has to be talked down from literally tearing another kid's throat out with his teeth?

Speaking of amazing Animorphs quotes, here's a bit from Book 12, The Reaction, first published in 1997. Rachel is explaining the influence a tremendously popular actor holds:

"Jake, you're not getting it. About half the girls in our school have a poster of Jeremy Jason McCole in their bedrooms or in their lockers, or both. He is the number one cute guy in the country. He has like twenty Web sites just about him."

I reread this about a month ago and cracked up. How times change!
22nd-Dec-2013 11:00 am (UTC)
The Animorphs books are the best. So disturbing, but great.
22nd-Dec-2013 11:54 am (UTC)
I was a little worried before rereading them that they wouldn't live up to my childhood memories, but they're still great, and I'm probably now appreciating a lot that flew over my head when I was nine. The characters are so well-drawn!

But they really are incredibly disturbing. Particularly the bit where they travel to a doomed future in which it turns out they were all enslaved and ate Tobias with barbecue sauce.
22nd-Dec-2013 08:29 pm (UTC)
That sounds really creepy! I remember the TV show, and the kid being stuck permanently as a bird, but I never read the books.

The twenty websites thing is adorable! I read a book called The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down about medical communication in a Hmong refugee community, and it talked about how hundreds of Hmong teenagers had started communicating with each other on something called the Internet Relay Chat System.
22nd-Dec-2013 11:22 pm (UTC)
I think I've reached the point where, every time I come across something particularly creepy in one of my fandoms, I think of you and then go 'I SHOULD POST ABOUT THIS ON LIVEJOURNAL'. (I never watched the TV show - I think I watched about five seconds of it, got freaked out because they were all SO GROWN UP (as a nine-year-old I was completely unable to distinguish between teenagers and adults) and turned it off - but I imagine the special effects would look hilarious nowadays.)

It's slightly bizarre to run into these reminders of how different the world was just fifteen years ago. Everything changes so fast!
23rd-Dec-2013 01:32 am (UTC)
That's...sweet? Anyway, it's a lot of fun for me.
I was also hopeless at distinguishing teenagers and adults as a kid. I thought high school kids were adults who could move out of they wanted.

It does! I was writing a story a few days ago, and I kept catching myself having "Wait, they could just do that on their phones" moments.
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