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Trabia Garden
You May Have Seen A Million Entries About This, But This One Has Pokémon.
Remember You're Alive And Have A Soul. 
20th-Apr-2017 12:33 pm
'An empty classroom... with nobody here. Maybe while no one was around... the desks crept about of their own accord, licking the floors clean of dirt. If I suddenly stepped into a place like that... would the desks, in their surprise, fly at me, crush my bones, and eat me alive...?'


In related news, I've finished the third instalment of Higurashi: When They Cry!

Keiichi pleading with Mion at her house is so weird and interesting. 'Please murder this guy, I don't care if you're a murderer, it doesn't change the fact that we're friends, I'd help to shield you from the police if it came down to that, just please murder this guy.' If it's true that Mion isn't a murderer at all in this timeline, that must have been an extremely odd conversation. She seemed pretty touched that Keiichi would still want to be friends if she turned out to have killed the past victims. I suppose it would be strangely touching.

'Of course, thinking back on it... it was a terrible thing to discuss. I mean, I went to my friend's house, called her a serial murderer, and then told her to kill Satoko's uncle.' YES, KEIICHI, WELL DONE.

Keiichi dispassionately beating a man to death: horrifying. Keiichi apologising to his bicycle for using it for murder: actually oddly sweet?

I was practically screaming DON'T KILL TAKANO, DON'T DO IT at the screen after he ran into her. ONE MURDER IS MORE THAN ENOUGH, KEIICHI. NO MORE MURDERS. I loved the strange, tense conclusion of that encounter, with the unspoken 'we both know murders have taken place tonight, you know I'd like to kill you, I know you'd like to kill me, this isn't a situation in which we can risk it, so we're both just going to have to agree not to say anything' on both sides.

I was going to tentatively theorise that Satoko was afflicted with the curse, and that was why awful things happened in previous chapters. Keiichi was the viewpoint character, but it was never about Keiichi; it was the curse killing off everyone close to Satoko, and when she had nobody left it would claim her. But then I remembered that Satoko died halfway through the second instalment, before Mion and Keiichi, so perhaps she isn't actually the focal point. (Mion did suggest that Satoko was cursed in the second instalment, though, and Satoko claimed it herself in this one.)


Something that's just occurred to me: Keiichi kills Satoko's uncle, but Satoko claims her uncle is still alive. There are two pieces of evidence we have for her uncle still being around:

- Satoko says he is.
- the body is no longer in the grave.

But we never see her uncle after Keiichi kills him. Keiichi goes to Satoko's house early in the morning, when her uncle has no reason not to be there, but he's nowhere to be found.

I don't think Satoko is lying (someone threw the food around, and she certainly seems to think that someone ordered her to boil herself in the bath), but is it possible that she mistakenly believes her uncle is still alive? Did she throw the food around herself, under the delusion that it was her uncle? There's evidence that Keiichi actually did take steps to murder her uncle: the missing bat, the missing motorbike, the recently-turned earth, the dirt-encrusted shovel, the police taking an interest.

But then what happened to the body?

How did everyone see Keiichi at the festival when he was actually committing murder elsewhere?

I'm so confused.

In conclusion, ??????????
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