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Trabia Garden
You May Have Seen A Million Entries About This, But This One Has Pokémon.
13th-Aug-2019 07:08 pm - Zuko Is A Monster And I Love Him.
hope is all we have
I've just come across the notes I made on the Final Fantasy XV boys when I first started playing the game and wanted to explain it to [archiveofourown.org profile] th_esaurus! I don't think I ever posted these here.

- Noctis, the prince. Gets prickly and defensive if you try to discuss anything of actual importance with him, because he hates thinking about things that matter (this is a pretty relatable quality, to be honest, but perhaps not a great one in a future ruler). His dearest ambition is to sleep for eighteen hours a day and eat nothing but burgers.

- Gladiolus, Noctis's bodyguard. Insists on having at least 50% of his upper body exposed at all times; if you choose not to have him in the outfit where he's got his jacket open, baring his chest, he'll switch to a tank top, baring his enormous muscular arms. He's generally pretty chill, but he got really pissed off with me when I drew my weapon carelessly (I was too close to Prompto and could have injured him). He has definitely fucked Noctis raw.

- Prompto, Noctis's schoolfriend. Inexperienced but enthusiastic. Admires all the others. Very much in love with Noctis, but hasn't realised yet because he thinks he's straight. At some point, Ignis is going to observe that there seems to be a theme developing in Prompto's photography, and Prompto is going to look at all his hundreds of photographs of Noctis and have an 'oh, my God' revelation.

- Ignis, raised from childhood to be Noctis's adviser. Detached, practical, speaks with a dodgy RP accent. Mothers everyone, but somehow it's creepy. At some point, I am convinced, Ignis murdered a man for no particular reason. Ignis was wearing an elegant suit and gloves. He looked deep into his victim's eyes as he choked the life out of him, and he felt nothing.

To be honest, these first impressions hold up pretty well, although I hadn't yet come to understand the depth of Prompto's insecurity and Ignis's loyalty. I still feel there's a good chance that Ignis is a murderer.

What good boys. What a great game.

If anyone was wondering, Dipper and Zuko seem to be getting along pretty well:

Zuko likes to cuddle up with you and purr and then zoom all over the house and knock every object that has the audacity to be on a table onto the floor. It's very strange that Dipper, Destroyer of Shoelaces is now the mature, responsible one.
10th-Aug-2019 10:38 am - This Is A Prescription For No.
Last night I dreamt I was in a big fancy house that flooded violently, almost drowning me and everyone inside. This was somehow my fault. I think it involved a giant fishtank.

The authorities showed up at the drenched house afterwards, to determine what had happened. I thought, Okay, I'm probably going to get in trouble for flooding this place, but it might be a manageable amount of trouble.

They said they wanted to speak to Amanda, one of the residents of the house.

I suddenly recalled I'd accidentally given Amanda a recipe for a cake that makes you claw off your face and die if you eat it, and she'd cheerfully, unsuspectingly gone upstairs to make this cake.

So they were going to go upstairs and find her dead with no face, and I was the only other person in the house.

This was a pretty fucked-up dream and I was freaked out when it woke me up in the night, but now, in the light of day, I can't stop laughing at the face-claw death cake.

Scrubs is a great show if you have a lot of feelings about the power of friendship, and I really, really do. JD and Turk have such an intense relationship. JD showed up drunk at Carla's bridal shower, screaming through tears that she'd never understand Turk like he did!

'Guy Love', from the musical episode, is basically No Homo: The Song, but I still love it. 'It's like I've married my best friend, BUT IN A TOTALLY MANLY WAY.' (The musical episode is fun, but it does have the unfortunate tendency to get 'Everything Comes Down to Poo' stuck in my head for weeks on end.)

There was an entire early episode about Elliot's lack of interest in babies, so it's a little strange that she's characterised as baby-obsessed in later seasons.

We're in late season six, which means we're hitting the occasional episode I haven't seen before. I crowed with laughter when JD persuaded Jordan to name the baby 'Jennifer Dylan'. Dr Cox's child is called JD! It's everything JD could ever have wanted!
hope is all we have
I feel like a part of me went 'you know, I really enjoyed writing my Queer Eye AU for Final Fantasy XV, but it was too cute and now I have to write something horrible to make up for it'.

Not unrelatedly, I've expanded the Your Turn to Die snippet from the preceding entry into a full fic. Many thanks to Rei for offering advice and helping me act things out so I could work out whether they were physically possible.

Title: Across the Line
Fandom: Your Turn to Die
Rating: R
Pairing: maybe a hint of Keiji/Sara
Wordcount: 2,100
Summary: Sara obtains two things in quick succession: a gun, and permanent psychological trauma. Keiji knows what that’s like.
Warnings: Violence, blood, character death. Spoilers up to the end of Chapter Two, specifically the Human Flower route.

Across the LineCollapse )
6th-Aug-2019 08:20 am - Silent Hill Is A State Of Mind.
we'll be the darkness
Rounding up a few ficsnippets I originally posted in response to prompts at [community profile] fail_fandomanon! I will admit that the Final Fantasy XV one for the 'Silent Hill' prompt doesn't technically include Silent Hill.

Until Dawn, 120 words, prompt: Silent HillCollapse )

Final Fantasy XV, 110 words, prompt: Silent HillCollapse )

Your Turn to Die, 340 words, prompt: trusting somebody you shouldn'tCollapse )
hope is all we have
Here is the completely straight-faced Queer Eye AU for Final Fantasy XV that nobody wanted or needed. I cannot explain or defend this.

Title: You Came Into My Life
Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
Rating: G
Wordcount: 3,400
Summary: Prompto, Ignis and Gladio give Noctis a lifestyle makeover. He's not ready for their acquaintance to end there.

You Came Into My LifeCollapse )
hope is all we have
The Keiji/Sara ship for Your Turn to Die is serving me so well. All the fanfiction is weird and dark and tense and 'shit, I don't know if I can trust this guy, maybe I should have thought about that before I let him put his fingers in me.' I love it.

I've come across exactly one fic for it that was fluffy to any extent, and it went like this:

Fic: Here's some dark stuff! But there are also flashforwards to Keiji and Sara living a fluffy, domestic life—
Riona: Booooooo.
Fic: —because he forcibly erased her memories.
Riona: Holy shit, this is the best ship.

(I'm not opposed to fluff; it's just not what I tend to be in the mood to read!)

The Keiji/Sara shippers are an extremely lovely, enthusiastic bunch who get a lot of undeserved stick, which makes me want to write more fanfiction for them. Astonishingly, it seems the efforts of the faction going 'YOU CAN'T SHIP THAT, IT'S MORALLY WRONG' may have backfired! (To be honest, it's hard to get morally outraged over the thought of a fictional seventeen-year-old fictionally making out with a fictional twenty-something when I, an actual living human, could legally have banged as many buff policemen as I wanted at the age of seventeen.)

None of my fic ideas are clicking, though, which is a little frustrating. It's difficult to write Keiji when he keeps his past and his motivations so close to his muscular chest. One of my ideas is, inevitably, 'Sara wakes up in her normal life with memories of the Death Game, and it's hard for her to process these traumatic experiences that didn't actually happen', but I'd have no idea how to write Keiji outside the context of the game.

A part of me insists on interpreting Keiji as what happens when Carlos of Zero Escape goes through traumatic experiences and ends up kind of dead inside, but Carlos is remarkably psychologically resilient; given the traumatic experiences he's already been through prior to Zero Time Dilemma, he seems pretty open and well-adjusted. Could he really become this screwed-up, secretive, manipulative, dead-eyed man?

It's possible I just went 'I love both of these ripped blond guys who were abducted and thrown into a murder game; maybe that means they're the same guy?' No, Riona. There's room for more than one ripped blond murder game guy in your heart.
2nd-Aug-2019 09:07 am - Tea Is Soothing. I Wish To Be Tense.
we'll be the darkness
I've now finished season three of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Here are some thoughts on the last few episodes of the season:

I think the scene where Willow expresses her intention to stay in Sunnydale and keep fighting alongside Buffy, at the end of 'Choices', might be my favourite of the show so far. That was lovely.

Every time a character is in a scene with Angel, up to and including Joyce Summers, I want them to bang. I don't know why.

Angel's leaving! I'm going to miss him lurking like a big weirdo in the background of half the scenes. I really wasn't expecting him to be one of my favourite characters before I started watching this show, but everything about him is just hilarious to me.

I got slightly tearful at the prom scene where it becomes clear that Buffy's classmates have noticed and appreciate all she's done to protect them.

For a moment, when Buffy was watching the dancing without a date, I thought Giles was going to dance with her. That would have been very sweet and I'm a little sorry it didn't happen.

Faith's an angry disaster, which is one of my favourite character types. (Hank Anderson, Dr Cox, Zuko, Lightning, Yuri Plisetsky, Dean Winchester, Mondo Oowada, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, Juzo Sakakura, Korra, Chloe Price, Seifer Almasy, Arnold Rimmer: I love every one of these psychological catastrophes.) I love that her reaction to being stabbed is 'well, I'm going to SPITEFULLY FALL ONTO A TRUCK, YOU DON'T GET MY BODY, DEAL WITH THAT.'

Buffy forcing Angel to drink from her was fucked up and I was highly in favour of it. Poor Angel.

I also enjoyed Faith and Buffy interacting in Buffy's head, and Buffy kissing her on the forehead. Their relationship is so strange and intriguing.
we'll be the darkness
This is entirely [tumblr.com profile] futuresoon's fault.

Title: The Worst Kind of Debt
Fandom: Your Turn to Die
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1,700
Summary: The third Main Game arrives. It doesn't go well.
Notes: Spoilers up to the end of Chapter Two.

The Worst Kind of DebtCollapse )
hope is all we have
How many murder-focused videogames can a human being feasibly write fanfiction for? I am on a perpetual quest to find out. But it's at least seven.

Title: Grounded
Fandom: Your Turn to Die
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: maybe a hint of Keiji/Sara
Wordcount: 1,200
Summary: It's hard to trust Keiji. But there's something comforting about him, even so.
Notes: Spoilers up to and including Chapter Two, Part One.

GroundedCollapse )
28th-Jul-2019 10:32 am - You're Really Somethin', Kid.
we'll be the darkness
I saw that [tumblr.com profile] futuresoon was posting about a game called Your Turn to Die, and my response was, 'Well, this sounds likely to be up my street from the title alone.'

I investigated.

It was up my street.

Your Turn to Die is a game in the strangely populous 'a bunch of people are abducted and put through traumatic, murder-filled trials for mysterious reasons' genre; it feels very inspired by Zero Escape and Danganronpa, with a little more emphasis on horror. (I don't know why there are so many games on this theme, but I'm not complaining for a second.) Mechanically, it's closer to Ace Attorney, although there are various minigames. The game is available at no cost, but I've been watching a Let's Play by ManlyBadassHero instead. A lot of Let's Players can get a bit loud and overexcited, so I'm enjoying Manly's style; he's engaged with the game and reacting to things, but he's also relaxed and soft-spoken. (This works extremely well when he's reading Keiji's lines.)

Frustratingly, the game is episodic and as yet unfinished, but there's a solid amount out already. It's remarkably high-quality for a game that was released for free and translated unofficially!

Spoilers for Your Turn to Die, up to the end of chapter two.Collapse )

I'm shipping Keiji/Sara and it's going to bring the fandom police down on my head (Sara is seventeen; Keiji's age is unspecified, but he's definitely over twenty; parts of Tumblr are convinced that so much as thinking about these two fictional characters kissing is an Actual Crime). I just really enjoy the ambiguity of Keiji. Is he actually flirting, or is he just playing around? Is he untrustworthy, or is he the most trustworthy person here? He's so cagey (no pun intended) about his past and his motivations. He's probably my favourite character, and his interactions with Sara are really interesting. Maybe I should write slightly unsettling Keiji/Sara-tinged fanfiction.

My favourite response I've seen to anti-Keiji/Sara sentiment: 'oh no, someone call the poli... oh wait.' Keiji is a police detective.

There's a character in this game who's mockingly addressed at one point as 'Cubetaro Hamburger', and his real name (Q-taro Burgerberg) is genuinely sillier than that.
hope is all we have
Second birthday in a row I've spent writing messed-up Detroit: Become Human fanfiction. Is this going to become a tradition?

I was determined to give this the stupidest title I could think of.

Title: Until Death Don't Us Part
Fandom: Detroit: Become Human
Rating: 15
Wordcount: 2,000
Summary: Hank gets unlucky in a game of Russian roulette. Connor tries to bring him back in the only way he can.
Warnings: As the summary suggests, this deals heavily with suicide. The death takes place 'offscreen', before the story begins.

Until Death Don't Us PartCollapse )
and they returned home
I can't find any JD/Turk/Carla fanfiction at all! Here is my effort to address this shocking dearth.

Title: Tenancy Agreement
Fandom: Scrubs
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: JD/Turk/Carla
Wordcount: 2,300
Summary: JD's kissed Carla, he's kissed Turk in an effort to make up for it, and he's really struggling to forget about either of those things.
Notes: Set around episode 4.22, 'My Big Move'.

Tenancy AgreementCollapse )
13th-Jul-2019 09:37 am - You Still Have To Try, Though.
and they returned home
I'm now in season four of Scrubs! (I didn't post much about season three, but 'My Screw Up', it turns out, still wrecks me just as badly as it did when I was seventeen. I was genuinely slightly afraid of reaching it on this rewatch, and then I spent the entire episode internally going 'nooooooooo'.)

'My Last Chance' is a cracking episode. Jordan taking the most intense delight in how much Dr Cox hates the paramedic he's working with might be my favourite part, although it has to contend against the janitor offering to give JD a lift and dumping him in the middle of nowhere.

JD: What are you doing??
Janitor: It's been four years! How do you not get how this works?

I'm enjoying Dr Cox and Jordan's fucked-up relationship more than I did as a teenager. At one point Jordan gets Dr Cox to do something by threatening to 'stop having sex with you and start ~~making love~~ to you'. It's also surprisingly accommodating to my many other Dr Cox ships:

Jordan: Uh, Per, is making out with a stranger cheating?
Dr Cox: Technically not if it's under ten seconds, dear.

Speaking of my other Dr Cox ships: in 'My Female Trouble', Jordan tells Elliot that Dr Cox 'told me that you don't need him as much anymore, and it annoys the hell out of him.' I am so delighted by the revelation that Dr Cox dwells on Elliot when she's not there. ('I know I'm in your head,' Elliot tells him later in the episode.)

I really love all the character dynamics in this show! They're so well drawn! I've been having a bunch of feelings about how intensely JD and Turk love each other.

Episode 4.18, 'My Roommates', made me slightly emotional. Turk and Carla kick JD out of the flat, and then they realise they miss him and value the things he did around the place and they ask him to come back! As a contentedly single person who considers 'living with close friends' a plan for my life rather than a stopgap measure, it's nice to see a storyline that depicts living with friends as a valuable thing in itself, rather than just something to be endured until you settle down with a romantic partner.

And then there's the plotline where JD and Carla drunkenly kiss, and then JD kisses Turk to demonstrate that it wasn't a big deal, and suddenly I think I'm really shipping JD/Turk/Carla? Suddenly I am all about this trio and I have no idea how it never occurred to me before. I think I might need to write fanfiction? Possibly in which they slowly realise that they are absolutely in a three-way relationship already.
hope is all we have
Interesting development in Detroit: Become Anxious: I managed to keep Connor alive until the television station investigation, where he threw himself on Hank and took a bunch of bullets for him.

In the playthrough I watched, Connor died very early on, well before Hank developed any fondness for him, and was reuploaded into a new body. Hank knew almost from the start that Connor's body was replaceable. In my playthrough, Hank's had time to bond with Connor. And Connor just died, physically shielding him. And Hank has no idea Connor's going to be back the next day.

That has got to fuck Hank up and I'm very excited about how awful it is.

I've been looking for fanfiction inspiration, and I'm tempted to try to write something about this, but I'm not sure where to go with it. 'Hank dwells on Connor's death and then meets him the next day' doesn't seem like it has enough substance on its own (even for me, and I've never had particularly high standards for substance in the things I write). 'Hank gets fucked up over Connor's death, meets him the next day and deals by just killing him again, goddammit' is interesting but possibly strays too far towards a fic concept I've already written.

...okay, I typed that and then immediately went off and wrote a fic.

Title: Warranty Terms
Fandom: Detroit: Become Human
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: sort of implied Hank/Connor?
Wordcount: 2,400
Summary: Connor gets shot shielding Hank at the television station. Hank has no idea he'll be coming back.
Warnings: Mentions of suicidal ideation.

Warranty TermsCollapse )
8th-Jul-2019 12:22 pm - Welcome to Devil Time.
we'll be the darkness
I distinctly remember seeing an advert for Lucifer on the side of a bus, a year or two ago, and going, 'I know literally nothing about this show other than its name and the smug-looking face of the protagonist on this advert, but I have the strong sense I would love it.' Turns out I was right! I'm glad to be watching it at last.

A few notes on episodes in the early second series:

'Sin-Eater': Lucifer, on being called in to investigate a homicide in which the victim had his crotch set on fire, immediately and gleefully makes as many puns as possible. It's great.

Lucifer: Goodness gracious, great balls of fire.
Decker: Lucifer.
Lucifer: I mean, I've heard of hot pants, but this really brings a new meaning to the term 'fire crotch', doesn't it?
Decker: Lucifer.
Lucifer: Wait, I have more.

There's such a childlike joy to this terrible man.

'Lady Parts': there was a throwaway line about Lucifer not liking cats, and I refuse to accept this. Lucifer would clearly adore cats. I need to write fanfiction in which Lucifer somehow finds himself charged with a cat and reluctantly comes to love it.

The 'girls' night out' scene was pretty incredible. Four recurring female characters in a scene together! And that's not even all the recurring female characters on the show! And then Decker and Maze, two major female characters I'd never expected to interact much, decide to move in together! I'm excited to see how that goes. (Maze is hilarious and I love that her first reaction to any problem is 'can I kill it?')

'Weaponizer': Lucifer very intensely trying out the catchphrase 'Welcome to Devil Time' is one of my favourite moments in the show. Lucifer is an absolute loser and I love him.

I'm getting the frustrating itch where I sort of want to try writing fanfiction for Lucifer, but I don't have any ideas (er, beyond the 'fix-it' fic where the thing I'm fixing is 'Lucifer doesn't like cats') or enough of a grasp of the characters. I feel there's a Lucifer fic I really want to write just out of reach, but I can't see the concept clearly!

A few stray notes on aspects of the show that interest me, while I try to pin down what I'd like to write for it:

- Lucifer can't be harmed or feel pain, except in Decker's vicinity. Could Lucifer ask Decker to hurt him so he can build up his pain resistance?

- Something about Lucifer isn't right. It unsettles Decker sometimes. But she can't work out what it is. Obviously it's not that he's actually the devil; that's ludicrous.

- Lucifer and his mother have a lot of weird sexual tension. I don't think I'm going to write the Lucifer/his mother fic that the fandom has tragically failed to provide. I was going to say 'letting Decker see and react to their dynamic could be fun', but, come to think of it, Lucifer's mother doesn't look old enough to have given birth to Lucifer, so I think Decker would just conclude, 'Okay, so Lucifer has a girlfriend he calls "Mum" and I don't think I want to look too far into this.'

- What is the nature of the relationship between Decker and Lucifer? He's intrigued by her; he values her. Does she consider him a friend? I think she does. A weird, difficult friend who's cheerfully open about the fact that he'd like to sleep with her. But he doesn't want to be her boyfriend, so there isn't serious 'I want our relationship to be this, he wants our relationship to be that' strain. He wants to continue being her weird, difficult friend; he just thinks it'd be fun if they also had sex sometimes.
hope is all we have
I'm up to episode 2.02 of Lucifer, after which I immediately went looking for fanfiction in which Lucifer and his mother bang. Disappointingly, there doesn't seem to be any. Is this a real fandom at all?

Lucifer continues to be a delight. The writers, the actors, whoever's responsible for the hilariously on-the-nose musical choices: everyone involved with that show seems to be having a whale of a time. It's absolutely ridiculous and I love it. Lucifer himself is an extremely fun character: so self-absorbed, so weirdly innocent.

Also, for some reason I can't get enough of this stupid plotline:

Decker: Hmm, there's something strange about my partner.
Lucifer: I have been one hundred percent open with you about the fact that I am literally Satan.
Decker: What could it beeeeee?

'Extremely poorly-kept secrets being dragged on and on and on' can start to wear thin after a while (see Merlin), but it works better when the situation is 'it's not even a secret; it's just so stupid that nobody believes the truth, thus creating a mystery'.

Lucifer has intriguing potential for one of my favourite relationship dynamics: a man and a woman, he's helplessly in love with her, she likes him but doesn't need him nearly as much as he needs her. (I am, to clarify, talking about Lucifer and Decker, rather than Lucifer and his mother.)

Lucifer/Father Frank (from the episode 'A Priest Walks Into a Bar') is also extremely good. I don't often get invested in pairings involving a single-episode character, but Father Frank managed it!

Unrelatedly: haven't had a Man-Spider comic in a while.

He tries so hard.
5th-Jul-2019 08:25 am - Why Is Closing Doors So Complicated?
hope is all we have
Ginger: Are you doing chores in this game?
Riona: Yes. Look, I have to swivel the analogue stick to pick up the dishes, then I have to use the touch pad to wash them.
Ginger: Wow. Have a fun day playing this.
Riona: Fortunately, I can't keep playing because I have to start work.

Detroit: Become Human is free on PS Plus this month, and my housemate has PS Plus, so I have the opportunity to play it myself! It is, regardless of the fact I've already watched a Let's Play, extremely stressful. The opening made me so anxious.

(But it had nothing on the 'Stormy Night' sequence, holy crap. I nearly got Kara and Alice killed straight out of the gate because I was incapable of closing a door.)

I love how much Hank hates it when Connor analyses things by 'tasting' them. Also great: his 'what the fuck is it doing now?' reaction on the other side if Connor checks himself out in the one-way mirror. And the way Connor, if one of Hank's instructions conflicts with his programmed goals, will cheerfully agree with the instruction and then disobey it immediately.

The Hank-and-Connor storyline is so much fun, whereas the other two protagonists' storylines are so incessantly grim. Unrelenting grimness is what I tend to expect from David Cage games, so I don't know how this incredible buddy cop comedy-drama found its way into this one, but I love it.

Markus/Carl is beautiful and true, and 'what sort of piano piece do you want to play for Carl?' is the easiest choice in the game. I slammed that 'intimate' button. I absolutely read them as boyfriends and I get really confused when the game tries to portray their relationship as father-son.

I have the policy 'don't use foreknowledge if you know for a fact you'd have taken a particular course of action without it' - for example (spoilers for the chapter 'Broken'; highlight to read), Carl will live if you fight back against Leo, but I knew I'd never have fought back if I'd been playing blind. Sorry about your boyfriend, Markus.

This 'don't overuse foreknowledge' policy meant I went 'okay, I'll intervene at the end of the interrogation with Ortiz's android, even though that got the Let's Player I was watching shot,' and I was very surprised when I got an entirely different ending to that scene! Gavin pulled a gun on Connor and then Hank pulled a gun on Gavin and it was great. Hank and Connor barely know each other at this point; Hank's evidently just itching for an excuse to shoot his colleague.

Some of the most hideous fanfiction I've ever written has been for Detroit: Become Human, and in my heart I'm hoping this playthrough will inspire me to write more horrible things.
hope is all we have
On the summer solstice, a young prince named Zuko entered our home.

I'm not sure we've named him appropriately. Kitten Zuko is extremely chill. I'm used to new cats hiding for a couple of days, but Zuko hid for four hours and was purring happily on my lap by hour five. He'll say hello to anyone who visits. Kitten Zuko doesn't give a shit about anything. His namesake, Prince Zuko of Avatar: The Last Airbender, gives every possible shit.

They can both control fire, though.

We got Zuko to keep our tabby Dipper company after the loss of his sister Mabel. Dipper was a bit alarmed by this miniature cat at first, but I think he's starting to warm up to the newcomer; he was grooming Zuko yesterday. He's a lot more confused than he was pre-Zuko, but he's definitely less lonely. I hope I'll have pictures of the two of them together to share before too long!
hope is all we have
I thoroughly enjoyed writing my Scrubs telepathy fic, but it did, unfortunately, get Erasure's 'A Little Respect' severely stuck in my head. On the plus side, this led me to watch the music video for 'A Little Respect', which, it turns out, is an absolute masterpiece.

It feels so good to be writing Scrubs fanfiction again! I wasn't expecting it to feel this good! There's not much in the way of an active fandom left, and Scrubs was never a big fandom even at its peak, but it's just so much fun to write for.

The show does, I'll admit, occasionally have points that make my worst fanfiction-writing instincts sit up and take notice.

Cut for potential (fictional) sexual threat.Collapse )

Still sort of tempted by Cox/Elliot. In 'My Journey', Cox goes 'I give your boyfriend two weeks, three if you are just terrific in the sack' and Elliot goes 'well, then it's three' and Cox, intrigued against his will, goes 'oh?'

I always liked Ben a lot. He makes a strong impression, considering that he only appears in three episodes. (I haven't stopped writing fanfiction inspired by his final episode since I first watched it thirteen years ago - I've posted two fics this year that can probably be traced back to it, both written before I started this rewatch - so he definitely made a strong impression on me.)

I've been trying to read some Scrubs fanfiction, but a lot of JD/Cox fic has JD starting to call Dr Cox 'Perry' after they get together, which instantly wrecks my suspension of disbelief. I even struggle with Cox-perspective fanfiction that calls him 'Perry' in the narration. One of my favourite small details in canon is that, when Dr Cox and the woman he's dating are kissing in his apartment, she calls him 'Perry' and he says, 'Actually, I prefer "Dr Cox".'

(He's got the most incredible expression whenever one of his subordinates dares to call him 'Perry' and it cracks me up every time.)
This was so much fun to write! I'm grinning as I post it.

Title: I Try to Discover
Fandom: Scrubs
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: JD/Dr Cox
Wordcount: 3,500
Summary: Sacred Heart is a hospital where everyone can hear everyone else's thoughts. Sometimes it gets awkward.
Notes: The concept of Noise is borrowed from Patrick Ness's Chaos Walking trilogy.

I Try to DiscoverCollapse )
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