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Trabia Garden
You May Have Seen A Million Entries About This, But This One Has Pokémon.
Hope's Peak: Waterloo Road Levels Of Unprofessional Teaching. 
15th-Jul-2016 09:08 am
hope is all we have
A new Dangan Ronpa anime has just started! (Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy, divided confusingly into two alternating series: Future Arc (set after the second game) and Despair Arc (set before).) It's actual new canon, rather than an adaptation! And it looks potentially extremely interesting! And it features my favourite character!

This sounds like good news but is actually terrible.

Naegi escaped! He was one of the few who got out alive! And now he's been thrown into another murder game, and I have a really bad feeling about his chances. (And we still haven't seen him reunited with his sister!)

Please don't be killed, Naegi. And I hope this goes without saying, but please don't murder. If Naegi kills anyone, I will scream and disown this terrible series forever.

I'd also be very upset to lose Asahina or Kirigiri, but Naegi is still my absolute favourite. I'd almost forgotten how much I love him. Look at him getting all flustered and self-deprecating when the person putting him in handcuffs pays him a compliment! Look at him being furious and determined! I was OUTRAGED when he was punched in the gut. Leave the poor boy alone; he's been through enough.

Dangan Ronpa is an odd series. Usually, I'd be delighted for more canon featuring a character I like. In the case of Dangan Ronpa, though, there's the constant fear that any character present may not be long for this world.

I can tell you which character I'm unreservedly happy to see more of, though: Mahiru Koizumi! Admittedly this is only because she's already dead and they can't exactly kill her more in the prequel. She was around for so little time! I was devastated to lose her so early, and then I thought that was it; we'd never see more of her. I'm so excited to get more Koizumi canon, even if she didn't have much to do in the first episode.

The first Despair Arc episode was a bit odd at first (I'd forgotten that the Super Dangan Ronpa 2 cast, much though I love it, has a slightly overwhelming wacky-to-grounded-character ratio, and there was some very unnecessary fanservice). I wasn't sure how I felt about it. But then came that scene between Nanami and Hinata, which I loved. Hinata/Nanami never interested me that much in the game - I was more interested in Hinata/Komaeda and Hinata/Koizumi - but that one scene really grabbed my heart.

Which is unfortunate, because there's no way this isn't going to end in horrible heartbreak.

I really hope we're going to get to see Hinata meet all the other members of that class. ESPECIALLY KOIZUMI. (I also want him to meet Komaeda, of course, but Komaeda's probably not going to creepily adore him when Hinata's just a talentless member of the Reserve Course, which makes me sad.)

Interesting that, on the island, the students seemed drawn to the people they were close to before their memories were wiped: Koizumi and Saionji, Hinata and Nanami, Souda and Sonia (well, they weren't close, but Souda was desperately seeking Sonia's approval both before and after the memory wipe). Saionji was bullying Tsumiki both before and after, too.

I ONLY JUST REALISED THAT MUKURO IKUSABA APPEARS IN THE DESPAIR ARC OPENING. Are we going to get to see Mukuro? Are we going to get to see anyone else from her class (besides the obvious)? Might we get some animated Mukuro-and-Naegi interaction? Please say yes.

Something that delights me: Kuzuryuu may have his angry don't-care rebel façade, but he's one of the few students who diligently shows up for lessons. You're not fooling anyone, Kuzuryuu.
16th-Jul-2016 12:56 am (UTC)
I hadn't noticed Mukuro in the OP, so I went and checked and YUP THAT'S HER if she does show up it'll probably be in conjunction with Junko seducing everyone to the side of despair. Which doesn't really involve Naegi's class, so maybe he won't appear? We can hope, anyway.

Ship-wise I'm sure there'll be interaction between Hinata and Komaeda, but I'm crossing my fingers for Sonia and Tanaka, the tiny little ship that never got to be. Maybe she'll be nice to the hamsters or something.
16th-Jul-2016 07:12 am (UTC)
Well, even if Naegi doesn't appear, I'd love to see a tiny bit of doubt from Mukuro while she's helping to tempt everyone into despair. Even if it would make me really sad. Everything about Mukuro makes me really sad.

Good luck with Sonia and Tanaka! I don't have any Sonia ships myself (well, I ship Hinata and Komaeda with everyone, but I don't have any specific Sonia ships), but I can sort of get behind yours just because it's an extra level of reinforcement keeping Sonia away from Souda, my second least favourite character (or perhaps my overall least favourite, as at least Hanamura had the grace to go early). I don't think Sonia/Souda would ever canonically become requited, but it's good to be cautious.
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