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Trabia Garden
You May Have Seen A Million Entries About This, But This One Has Pokémon.
Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus, Prompto and Dave. 
1st-Dec-2016 09:57 am
hope is all we have
First impressions of Final Fantasy XV! I've played for six hours but have barely made any progress on account of being constantly distracted by all the optional things to do (I've only just completed the first chapter), so there are no plot details in here; you can read this without being spoiled.

- There's an optional tutorial at the beginning of the game. You're guided through this tutorial by a green fennec fox that communicates with you through text messages. When you get the hang of a move, it will send you celebratory emoji.

- An extraordinary amount of love and care has gone into perfecting the movement of Gladiolus's leather-clad buttocks. (The game, in fact, gives you the option of removing the jackets of any or all of your party members in order to give you a better view of their arses. It doesn't explicitly say that that's why the 'no jacket' versions of their outfits exist, but we all know the truth.)

- This game is so cute. Your guys will team up for attacks and it's cute. Your guys will stagger around wounded and you'll be able to rescue them and it's cute. When you make camp for the night, you can scroll through all the photographs Prompto took of everyone that day and the others will comment on them.

- Speaking of how cute this game is: if you stay in a hotel or caravan overnight, your party members will be off doing their own thing in the morning, and Noctis will greet them with 'Good morning' when he sees them. Just like you would with your real friends! It's a tiny, tiny thing, but I really like it.

- Noctis gets endearingly grumpy if anyone criticises his fighting technique. I fluffed a battle at one point. 'Wow, that was embarrassing,' Prompto said. 'I KNOW,' Noctis snapped back.

- There's an entire sidequest where you catch fish and get it professionally cooked because Noctis decided a cat looked hungry. This game is amazing.

- I hired a caravan so the boys would have a place to stay for the night.

Noctis: Ugh, I'm all sticky and gross.
Prompto: Woohoo! Bath time!

Am I supposed to not think they bathed together?

Finally: there's an NPC called Dave! That's not very Final Fantasy!
1st-Dec-2016 07:49 pm (UTC)
Dave! I love that!

Does Prompto go around prompting people?
1st-Dec-2016 10:36 pm (UTC)
Prompto prompts people to pose for photographs! I think his name might also mean something like 'eager' or 'quick', and he is both of those things. I like him a lot more than I was expecting to. He's just really endearing.
2nd-Dec-2016 05:43 am (UTC)
Aw, charming!
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