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Trabia Garden
You May Have Seen A Million Entries About This, But This One Has Pokémon.
So Many Butts. 
14th-Feb-2017 10:59 pm
hope is all we have
I'm now up to episode ten, and, okay, Yuri!!! on ICE is possibly the cutest thing I've ever watched. If you're on the lookout for something cheerful, endearing and homoerotic, I recommend it enthusiastically. (Unless there's a massive tonal shift in the final two episodes, I suppose, but a) that's unlikely, and b) if that did happen, the first ten episodes would still be magical and beautiful.) It's available on Crunchyroll here!

Bless the tenth episode. I was thinking 'hey, you can't tell us there was a drunken dance-off and not show us!', and then along came the closing credits. I love how incredibly serious Yurio's expressions are during the dance-off. Of course they are. Bless you, Yurio.

Yurio's expressions are also wonderful whenever JJ is anywhere in the vicinity. I love his outraged glare.

Other things I love:

- Yurio starting to shout encouragement to Yuri and then cutting himself off.
- Yurio running away in alarm when he thinks Yuri is going to hug him.
- Yurio making incredibly grumpy overtures of friendship towards Yuri. (Yurio going 'UGH, THAT GUY' but slowly, reluctantly warming up to that guy is my favourite thing. I like to imagine he's reading this post and going WHAT, NO, I'M NOT WARMING UP TO ANYONE, FUCK YOU.)
- Yurio's fashion sense revolving around cats. I was already highly amused by his taste for tiger and lion T-shirts, but it took me a while to realise all the leopard print also fit in with the 'big cats' theme!
- Victor having absolutely no concept of personal space.
- Phichit being enthusiastic and supportive when he thinks Yuri and Victor are married. (And Victor going 'ha, no, of course we're not married, we're engaged.')
- my housemates shouting 'ARE YOU SERIOUS?????' in incredulous delight at the screen whenever something gay happens, i.e. constantly.

Early in the series, one of my housemates mentioned that some people argue online that Yuri and Victor are ENTIRELY HETEROSEXUAL, NO EROS THERE. This is pretty hilarious in itself, but it became particularly hilarious after their kiss and Yurio's furious reaction. In the universe of Yuri!!! on ICE, social media no doubt blew up with the news of that kiss, and I can imagine Yurio was the one angrily typing THERE WAS NOTHING BEHIND IT, IT WAS A FRIENDLY KISS, THEY'RE JUST FRIENDS, THEY'RE BARELY FRIENDS, THEY'RE JUST TOLERATING EACH OTHER, SCREW YOU ALL.

Has someone written fanfiction about this? This show really seems to cry out for fic about the characters' ill-advised adventures on social media.

...wow, there are over ten thousand works on AO3 for Yuri!!! on ICE. The last thing I wrote for (Oxenfree) had about sixty, so I'm sort of reeling from this. Ten thousand! How is that even possible? This show only came out four months ago!
17th-Feb-2017 09:25 am (UTC)
Oh, God, trying to keep Yuri and Yuuri straight sounds hideously confusing. (No pun intended, although keeping them straight in that sense would also be tricky.) I once wrote a short original piece featuring an Ash and an Alex, and I ended up having to change Alex's name because just 'two short names beginning with A' was enough to make it difficult to read.

I just thought 'hmm, I should look for Yuri on Ice accidental voyeurism fics to see whether anyone's written that Yurio-stumbling-across-makeouts idea', and I came across a fic containing the following line:

So, when [Yurio] realised that he somehow left his lucky skates in Hasetsu, he decided to retrieve them himself and angrily booked a flight.

I'm inordinately delighted by 'angrily booked a flight'. I hope all Yuri on Ice fanfiction just appends 'angrily' to everything Yurio does.
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