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Trabia Garden
You May Have Seen A Million Entries About This, But This One Has Pokémon.
Do Snakes Roar? 
10th-Apr-2017 03:44 pm
hope is all we have
I have no idea why Dreamwidth apparently has an 'anonymously buy two months of paid time for a random stranger' function, but I'm certainly not complaining! Thank you so much, unknown donor! I wonder whether you know who received the time. (If you do, I'm sorry that I took a few days to post an entry of thanks! I hope you see this.)

My immediate reaction was 'oh, man, I've got so much icon space! This time I'm definitely going to address my shortage of cheerful and friendly icons, rather than just filling up all the space with smug icons I'll never have cause to use.' And then I immediately uploaded some smug icons. I just can't stop myself.

I'm five hours into the second Higurashi instalment, Watanagashi; I've just played through the night before the festival. My main thought on this instalment so far: Higurashi, you can't take my weakness for psychological meltdowns and combine it with my weakness for weird romance! That's just unsporting!

I'm surprised by how quickly I forgot about all the previous instalment's creepiness. I wrote out that big entry where I concluded that Mion and Rena were probably somehow involved in the town's deaths and disappearances, and yet I keep slipping into 'ah, yes, I'm enjoying this lovely tale of friendship, here I am talking with my pal Rena' until the game subtly alludes to Onikakushi's events and I remember how terrifying my friends possibly are.

Watanagashi had a couple of bits near the start that I was unsure about. Keiichi using Satoko and Rika as bargaining chips felt a bit too skeevy, and I wish Higurashi would stop trying to include common anime sight gags; sight gags rarely work when they're described in text rather than shown, hence the 'sight'.

But then Keiichi started to fall for his friend's 'twin sister', knowing full well that the 'twin sister' was probably just a persona his friend used to handle situations she found embarrassing, and I was delighted. He knows she doesn't exist and he has a crush on her anyway! It's such an interesting concept!

I was getting so invested in this cute romance between Keiichi and Mion-in-disguise, both of them fully aware of the deception between them, and then it turned out that Shion ACTUALLY WASN'T MION and Keiichi, in trying to patch things up with Mion, had accidentally caused Mion much worse pain instead, and EVERYTHING WAS TERRIBLE.

The part of me that loves weird romance is still pretty happy, though. Keiichi found himself falling in love with his friend and then realised it wasn't his friend at all, it was a different person, except on at least one occasion it actually was his friend in disguise, and how is he supposed to disentangle this mess of feelings?

I really liked Keiichi trying to defend Shion from harassment, and finding he wasn't strong enough, and then scrapping his pride and asking his female friends to come and help out. I love how much genuine admiration he has for the girls he hangs out with. It helped me warm back up to him after the Satoko-and-Rika business earlier on.

I know at least one person is reading these entries despite being unfamiliar with Higurashi and is probably confused by Keiichi not being dead. I am also confused, and the game doesn't seem especially keen on clearing anything up, but the second instalment seems to be some sort of alternate timeline; it begins before everything went wrong and takes a different route. I'm curious to see where it goes, particularly as I'm just before the point where everything went wrong last time.

I'm not feeling the spark of writing inspiration for Higurashi, but I sort of hope I do at some point, because I increasingly want to write some weird, complicated Keiichi/Mion. To be honest, though, it's probably more likely that I'll end up writing Higurashi AUs for all my other fandoms, rather than fanfiction for Higurashi itself. Prompto becomes convinced that all his friends want him dead! He still loves them, but he's increasingly terrified of them! It's great! (By 'great', I mean 'horrible'.)
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