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Trabia Garden
You May Have Seen A Million Entries About This, But This One Has Pokémon.
Because I'm Just So Interesting. 
22nd-Apr-2017 02:15 pm
hope is all we have
A handful of people have been doing this AO3 stats meme, and I thought I'd attempt it myself, in celebration of the fact that the fifty-two works on my AO3 account have just reached 100,000 collective hits!

I'm sort of awed by that figure. Obviously the actual number of readers will be considerably lower: some people will have read a few different fics, some might have read the same fic a couple of times, the hits on my few chaptered fics will mostly be people coming back to see new chapters. But I was writing and posting fanfiction for well over a decade before I started posting to AO3 in 2013, so, when I think about it, the number of people who've read something I've written probably is in six figures.

That's slightly terrifying. I didn't realise, until AO3 and its hit counters, that the potential audience for fanfiction was so big.

If I could see a glow around everyone who'd read my fanfiction, how often would I pass glowing people in the street?


Top five by hits:

- And Again (32,495). Dangan Ronpa, time loop, gen. I'm strangely delighted that my most popular fic (by all three metrics, actually) is gen. I'll talk a bit about why this is at the top when I get down to Life Imitates.
- Visitors (Gratuitous Wish-Fulfilment Edition) (10,367). Assassin's Creed, Sense8 AU, various pairings. There are sixty-nine chapters of this self-indulgent nonsense, so the high hit count isn't a big surprise.
- Life Imitates (7,162). Final Fantasy XV, Noctis/Prompto. Both And Again and Life Imitates were posted at exactly the right moment, I think, which is why they've done so well. They were written just when their respective fandoms were beginning to become popular; they were also both originally posted on the fandom's kinkmeme, which I suppose got them more publicity. It was a time when there were a lot of people coming into the fandom, but people hadn't had time to write much fic, so these stories got a lot of readers, which got them a lot of kudos, which meant they ended up near the top when people sorted by kudos, which got them more readers.
- Visitors (5,578). Assassin's Creed, Sense8 AU, gen. Despite having only four chapters, I note this has over half the hits of its sixty-nine-chapter sequel. I'm going to hope that's because the sequel's length and the gratuitous wish-fulfilment concept make people hesitate, rather than because they don't enjoy Visitors. This probably gets so many hits because it's the first fic in a vast, vast series, so a lot of people see later fics in the series and click through to the series page to see where it began.
- Forecast Bleak (4,552). Super Dangan Ronpa 2, huddling for warmth, Hinata/Komaeda. Like And Again and Life Imitates, this was posted at the right time: there was an influx of Super Dangan Ronpa 2 fans who didn't have much to read. I also think people may have been curious about the 'huddling for warmth' concept when Komaeda doesn't really lend himself to fluffy fanfiction clichés.
- As two of these are from the same series, I'll note that in sixth place is Crossroads (3,222). Super Dangan Ronpa 2, Hinata/Komaeda. Most of the things that apply to Forecast Bleak also apply here, with the exception of the bit about huddling for warmth.

So much of fandom is a lottery, I'm realising as I look over these figures. You could write something great, but most people will never see it if you post it at the wrong time. I'm genuinely happy with And Again and Life Imitates, but I've never been entirely satisfied with Forecast Bleak or Crossroads. They only did well because they were amongst the first fics for a pairing that was just becoming popular.

Top five by kudos:

- And Again (1,602)
- Life Imitates (1,105)
- Visitors (Gratuitous Wish-Fulfilment Edition) (447)
- Visitors (323)
- Scattershot (266). Final Fantasy XV, Prompto/various, Noctis/Prompto. The only one that isn't also in the top five by hits! This follows the 'posted at the right moment' pattern, though, and Noctis/Prompto is a popular pairing. (Pretty much every Final Fantasy XV inter-party pairing is popular, but Noctis/Prompto is particularly so.)
- Again, two of these are from the same series, so I'll note that Forecast Bleak (245) is in sixth place.

Top five by bookmarks:

- And Again (521)
- Life Imitates (313)
- Visitors (71)
- Scattershot (49)
- The Once and Future Queen (and Present Manservant) (46). Merlin, bodyswap, minor Arthur/Gwen and Arthur/Merlin. This is tied with Forecast Bleak for bookmarks, even though Forecast Bleak has 75 more kudos and over twice as many hits, so I suppose people actually like the Merlin fic more. Come to think of it, is it possible that some people open Forecast Bleak in the hope that the huddling for warmth will actually be cute? It's not cute. Komaeda's involved.

My bottom fic, by all three metrics, is my most recent: a little thing like the end of the world (Final Fantasy VI, Celes/Sabin), with a whopping seven hits and one kudos. (I was SO EXCITED when I got the kudos, four days after I posted it.) It's for a rarepair in a twenty-three-year-old videogame, so, to be honest, this isn't a huge surprise.

(I considered listing out the bottom five for hits, kudos and bookmarks, but it made me too sad! Unsurprisingly, most of them are for fandoms that are no longer active, or are crossovers between fandoms that don't have a lot of audience overlap.)
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