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Trabia Garden
You May Have Seen A Million Entries About This, But This One Has Pokémon.
I Only Tutor People Who Can Prove They Don't Need Tutoring. 
2nd-May-2017 11:29 am
hope is all we have
I haven't touched Doctor Who for a few years; I realised early in the Twelfth Doctor's era that I'd stopped enjoying it, and I didn't want to end up grumbling constantly while everyone else was trying to have fun. (The Twelfth Doctor never stood much of a chance, to be honest, because Matt Smith is the Doctor in my heart. Perhaps even more so than Christopher Eccleston, who was the Doctor who introduced me to Doctor Who.)

But I thought it might be interesting to watch the new companion's debut, because 'it's a new companion!' episodes tend to take someone living an ordinary life and plonk them down in the middle of intense weirdness, which is something I enjoy watching.

So I watched 'The Pilot'. And it was fun! I enjoyed an episode of Doctor Who! I'm excited about this!

To get my only real complaint out of the way: Matt Lucas's character didn't really add much. He only had two lines (when he was asking whether Bill was all right) that didn't make me think 'this episode would be better without you, frankly.' (He nearly didn't get a mention in this entry at all, because I'd almost forgotten he existed; I've somehow scrubbed him out of the episode in my memory.) I hope he doesn't stick around for too long.

Bill's crush on Heather was endearing. It helped Bill's actions make sense to me, too; Heather's behaviour even pre-puddling was so odd and unsettling that it took me a while to realise she was supposed to be a normal human being, and without the 'Bill has a crush' element I'd have gone 'Bill, why are you following this alarming person to secluded places?', but I could entirely understand it when Bill was blinded by the massive hearts in her eyes.

(Was Heather a normal human being? There was a suggestion that this might not be the last time we see her, so perhaps there was something else going on with her. I suppose we'll find out.)

The 'is there someone in the bathroom?' scene intensely freaked me out. It turns out that 'a character realises there's someone in their home when there shouldn't be' scenes are a lot less fun to watch once you've had that experience yourself.

We obviously haven't seen much of Bill yet, but she doesn't immediately remind me of any other recent companions, which is a good sign; she's her own person! I'm looking forward to getting to know her better, even if I slightly resent her for her UNREALISTICALLY HIGH UNIVERSITY MARKS. The marks we're shown are 88%, 92% and 97%. Who the hell consistently gets marks in the 90s and high 80s for an essay-based subject at a UK university? I'd have passed out from shock if I'd ever received a mark over 80% for an essay. HOW DARE YOU BE SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME, BILL.

(For an approximate idea of UK university grading boundaries: over 60% means 'this is good', over 70% means 'this is excellent', over 80% means 'publish this immediately'. 97% would mean 'this is going to become a seminal text in this field and be remembered for a thousand years'.)

When I expressed my incredulity at these marks, Rei pointed out that the Doctor did say he'd stop tutoring Bill if she dropped below a First, and therefore she probably spent a phenomenal amount of time on those essays. Which is true! Poor Bill.

Maybe I'll give the next few episodes a try. Even if Peter Capaldi continues, inconsiderately, not to be Matt Smith.
2nd-May-2017 04:38 pm (UTC)
I did once get a 96 on an assignment at uni. And did fall down with shock. A grade that single-handedly pulled up my entire average enough to graduate with a Distinction. Yay me. But it was a web design course, rather than essay based, and when I saw the other examples I could see why did so well. Heh. Years of layout-coding on LJ apparently came in handy.

But otherwise, yeah, I don't think I've ever heard of those kind of grades being handed out for an essay - and I work at a university. When 70 is the boundary for a first...them's crazy grades, yo.
4th-May-2017 12:41 pm (UTC)
I'm not surprised you did so well on a web design assignment! Your journal layouts are always so pretty.
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