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Trabia Garden
You May Have Seen A Million Entries About This, But This One Has Pokémon.
They Said Minors Aren't Allowed To Play In The Casino! Booo! 
14th-May-2017 01:14 pm
we'll be the darkness
Still immensely enjoying Tales of the Abyss! This entry has spoilers up to Grand Chokmah (which, incidentally, is an absurdly beautiful city).

Luke: Guy... hated me... but he never showed even a hint of that... Maybe there was something when we were kids, but if he wanted to kill me, he could've done it any time he wanted to...

I initially misread 'maybe there was something when we were kids' as 'maybe there was something when we kiss'. Possibly because I was thinking, Well, he obviously resents you because of your failure to realise he's in love with you.

(I was so charmed when Guy went 'no, maybe he's not the "real" Luke, but he's the Luke I care about' and came back for Luke.)

Unrecognised love is not, it turns out, the explanation that the game gives, but I'm still happy with the explanation that we got. Guy originally became a servant to the fon Fabre family with the intention of killing Luke, and then gradually came to care about him instead! This is so interesting! I half-want to write fanfiction about Guy's gradual progression from 'I'm just waiting for the right moment to murder this brat' to 'oh, no, I'm having feeeeeelings'.

The ages involved might make things tricky, though. I don't know how old Guy was when he actually became a servant (I'm reluctant to research it for fear of spoilers), but Luke is seventeen now, and Guy is twenty-one, so Luke was kidnapped when he was around ten and Guy was around fourteen. I imagine Guy looking after the memoryless Luke would be a turning point in their relationship, so any fic would need to deal with that period, but I don't think I'm capable of writing a character who's ten years old and has no memories and still feels like Luke. (I don't know if I'm capable of writing a character who's ten years old at all. I'm not good at writing kids!) Writing a fourteen-year-old, revenge-driven Guy who's still recognisably Guy might also be tough.

Stupid young JRPG parties. If Luke and Guy were just a few years older, this would be so much easier!

Come to think of it, was Luke able to speak after the kidnapping, or did he have to learn that as well? Might the replication process have transferred over his linguistic abilities, even if he didn't keep any memories? People comment on Asch and Luke having some similarities in personality, and they're certainly similar in fighting style (although that might just be because they had the same training), so Luke probably wasn't an entirely blank slate. He speaks more fluently than I'd expect of someone who didn't learn any languages before the (physical) age of ten.

I am definitely, definitely overthinking this. He could probably talk.

(Maybe he had the grammatical structures wired into his brain, and he just needed to plug the vocabulary in? I really don't need to think about this - nobody will blame me if I write fanfiction and go 'yep, language abilities transfer over, this is not a fic about Guy teaching Luke to speak' - and yet I can't stop!)

I notice this entry is entirely about Luke and Guy. Sorry, other characters; I like you too! These two just happen to have a lot I enjoy in their dynamic.
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